Issue with my H1 revoke


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I recently informed my employer who is holding H1B, that I will be taking a new offer with a different employer. Now I have been informed about the withdrawal of my visa. The new position might take several weeks to process (for filing the transfer).

  1. What are the chances of H1 being revoked before the transfer?
  2. Will I be out of status? 
  3. Will 60 days grace period be any benefit for me?
  4. What other things I have to take care of?

Please let me know your valuable suggestions. 




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To the extent I know, it's hard to say when the revocation is registered at USCIS but you shouldn't be planning around it.

Technically you are out of status from the last day of your current job, but the 60-day grace period should kick-in, and assuming your transfer is done (or your application is in and you have a receipt) by that period you should be good.

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