How to correct the dates on H4 Approval notice


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My company applied for H1B and H4 extension(both are expiring on 06/22/17). The extension got approved and received the approval notices. The H1B petition got the right dates from 06/23/17, but the H4 petition start date is from 07/16/2017. Can I know the process to correct the dates on the H4 approval notice. 

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On 4/7/2017 at 9:35 PM, Cheenu_2017 said:

Thanks so much for the update. I need to file the H4 EAD extension for my spouse. Can I use this approval notice? There is a gap of almost one month between the current and the new approval notices.

Current H4 - till 06/22/2017

New H4 - from 07/16/2017.


Yes you can apply. No issues.

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