L2 EAD to H1b reactivation - can you continue to work on H1B receipt


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I have a situation here and hoping experts here will be able to help-

Currently I am working on L2 EAD valid till May end. My husband's  L1-B extension was denied and hence i couldn't request extension my EAD now.

I had my H1B earlier which was expired but unused. Hence my employer filed for my H1-B  cap exempt reactivation for which we have a received the receipt couple of days ago.

Now my question here is - 
1) Am i allowed to work on H1B receipt until a decision is made even after my EAD expiration? 2) What is my current status - L2 or H1b- Is there a way i can check?
My employer says "You are eligible to work on this receipt until a decision is made (max. of 8 months)". Kindly advise.

Thank you for all help!

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You can work until your L2 EAD expiration and have to wait until H1B approval to continue work. You cannot work on H1B receipt. If your case is not in premium, your employer can try to expedite the case by raising a service request with the corresponding service center.

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no, you can't work on receipt.

You can keep working on L2 EAD. Then you have to stop working, thr is a big backlog, so it may take some time for getting h1b approval notice. 

Thr is a high probability that your H1b will be approved with CP, in that case, you will also need a visa stamped, before you can start working.

till when L1b is valid for?

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