DHS office visits/raid


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I worked with company ABC for 9 years and switched to company XYZ in June 2016. Today morning I got a call from my current company HR saying a DHS officer had visited the office earlier this week to meet me in person and called in again today to get in touch with me. I got the information for the DHS officer and called him.

We talked for about 40 minutes in which he asked me a bunch of questions regarding my previous company ABC's job title/salary/company structure/address etc.  We had moved addresses twice in the 9 years I worked there and there might have been a gap in which the addendum was filed to change my working address. He said he tried to get in touch with my previous employer and was not able to.  I have an approved I-140  from company ABC and my although everything was legit about the company etc I have a little concern regarding my approved I-140. My question is can the DHS cancel I-140 based on the criteria that the working address of the employee did not exactly match all the time or if there was a delay in updating the address?  Also, why are they looking at my case now when its been 10 months since I changed jobs and also have a new H1B with my new employer XYZ?  

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