Questions regarding I-140 and changing job after I-140 approval


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Hello All,
 I searched multiple forums but either got conflicting or no answers for below questions .
 Replies will be much appreciated.

 + H1-B permit valid till April 2018
 + Six years of H1-B to be over by April 2018
 + I-140 approved in March 2017 with a priority date of Oct-2016
 + Planning to leave employer as business forecast is not good and might undergo downsizing in Q4

 1) On transferring H1-B, Will i get extension till April 2018 only or for next three years due an existing approved I-140 ?
 2) I heard that i need to complete 180 days with the current employer on approved I-140 then only my new employer can file for my extension for 3 years using my current employer's I-140. Is it true?
 3) If i join a new employer before completing 180 days with the current employer on approved I-140, Will i lose my priority date or i can still retain the same priority date?
 4) Given that my 6 years on H1-B are going to be over by April 2018, does my new employer need to submit the PERM before six years end or if he can do it later if i get 3 years of extension?
 5) Will it take another 1.5 years to get the I-140 approved again? Or will it be faster due to an existing I-10 ?
 6) What if my immediate next employer does not do any GC work and then after couple of years I join another company which files for GC. Will I lose my current priority date ? If No, then till what time can I retain my current priority date?

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