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Hi All,

See if you can answer my queries to best of your knowledge.

I work for employer A for a client C on H1B. This client C has given me a full time offer and I have convinced my employer A to join client C. Here is the thing.

My current H1 petition with employer A expires on 10/16/2017. Once my H1 transfer is filed by client C and after I started working for the client C on receipt notice,


  1. What happens if my H1 transfer approval goes beyond 10/16?

  2. What happens if transfer get denied after 10/16 and will I go out of status? If yes, what is the safe bet?

  3. Is it safe to work for the client C on receipt notice or wait until I get H1 transfer approved?


I am worried about the worst case scenario mentioned in point b above.


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