Error with the Approval dates in I797 Approval notice


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My H1 B extension petition was approved by USCIS and issued the approval notice on 1-Mar-2017. Upon receiving the approval notice, the Approval date and I-94 are given until - 21-Feb-2017 which is in the past. My employer had raised a service request with USCIS and as per the status update from USCIS officer, the case was forwarded to a supervisor for review. 

Did any one experience this kind of issue. Any idea on how long does the review take and by when can we expect a corrected approval notice. My extension was processed under premium, will the review also be processed under premium.

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If you have an account with USCIS, you can add H1B case number and see status of service request attached to it. Generally they will provide a response whether they will consider service request within 5 days and actual processing of request can take 1-2 months. Which center worked on your H1B? If it's Nebraska, it might take longer as they are swamped with H1B cases.


did you check whether the date in LCA and your application is correct?

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California center processed the request. The date in the LCA and application are correct. Since I received the response from USCIS officer that the case was forwarded for supervisor review I assume they have accepted the service request. Because of this error both my I797 and I94 are in expired state and I am currently in US, hence the confusion of how long I can stay and wait for USCIS to respond. 

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