H1B transfer rejection - rate/reasons

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Hi ,

I would like to understand the H1b Trf rejection case in terms of Rejection Rate and the corres. reasons. Now that PP is suspended until further notice, the H1B trf cases need to wait 6 months, 10 months or may be an year(dunno). I had the below scenarios:
1. H1B trf response date is earlier than I-94: cool. no issues. 
2 H1B trf response date is later than I-94: so would the grace period rule kick-in hear and Hence the candidate doesn't have to go back to India OR would be forced/required to go back to home country?

#1 Any rejection rate for H1B transfer cases: since the H1B trf is actually a new petition, what are the chances of rejection (esp given the current circumstatnces)

#2 what could be reasons for rejection of H1B trf.

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