H1b petition job title and requirements???


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Hi, I currently am working with F1-OPT and  my current employer(educational institution) and my supervisor wanted to initiate the H1B petition.

We have collected all required documents and turned them in to international office and they have came back to us that H1B should not currently be filed because I do not have required experience stated by HR(MS+3 years of work) for the job title(Research lab supervisor) that is given to me(MS+1 year work). They suggested me to have STEM extension first so that I will meet the required experience for the job title, then apply for H1B.

I have never even heard of such requirement existed???

Are they just playing safe to have H1B approved? or does such requirement exist that you would need to watch out for?

If it does, what would be the alternative way to get it processed? Maybe change the job title at work?

If not, what should I tell the international office and director to clarify that they should not worry about it and move forward?


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