H1B Revoked by Employer .. Currently Out of Status


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Hi ....Hope you are doing great!

I need help with the following situation:

In April 2016 my employer "A" applied for my H1B (I was on OPT)

I changed my employer to "B" in Feb 1st 2017

My H1 got approved in Mar 5th 2017 with "A"

Now I can see Revocation Notice Was Sent(we revoked the approval of your case) on USCIS website i.e my previous employer(A) revoked my H1B on March 20 2017.

I  want to know what options I have at this moment ? like
What if USCIS Denies my transfer petition ?
Can a new employer apply for my H1 & what are the chances of approval
Is there anyway I can get my OPT/EAD status back
Is there anyway my employer A can cancel his revocation ?

Please help me with your suggestions

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Employer A was required by law to inform USCIS that you don't work there, which results in H1 revocation.

Your OPT is gone, and you can't get it back.

And it is likely that the H1 transfer will get denied, because you have not worked for employer A on the H1, which generally means you have not been counted in the quota.


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