H1B Amendment or nothing required?


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I have recently accepted an offer from another department of the company I am working for and the new job will be on the same location. It will have a different title and different job responsibility. I am wondering whether I need to do an amendment to my H1B or nothing is needed. Is there anything else I need to be aware of? If an amendment is needed, how long does this process usually take? My new job's start date is one month from now. Not sure if this is enough time. Thanks for any help and guidance!

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I also have the exact same question. I also got a new position in a different department in the same company, In this case do we need to do an amendment or file a new H1B petition. The job responsibilities are more or less similar with similar pay as well. The location of work is also in the same campus.

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Please define what is new Job?

Amendment is filed if there is any significant change in your Job responsibility or change in location over 50 miles of LCA.

Change is the floor of the work or coding in Java instead of C# doesn't come under significant change. Anyways, why do yo care, your Company legal team will take care of it. 


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