OPT Expiring Feb '18. H1B Applied this year. Chances of H1B Next year ?


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My company has applied for my H1B visa this year (April 3rd 2017), and given its the first time a company is sponsoring my H1B and lottery chances, I am worried about what happens if my petition is not picked up in H1B lottery this year; because my OPT EAD with 29month STEM Extension expires Feb 2018. I know I wont be able to work beyond that, but if my company is again willing to apply for H1B April 2018, will I be able to continue to work even after my EAD Expires in Feb 2018 ? or I am only allowed to stay in the US until the H1B result comes out and start working from Oct 2018 ?


Any suggestions, and thoughts welcome. Thank you very much !

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Thank you for the reply Pontevecchio. The exact date my STEM EAD Expires is 2nd February 2018, and the 60 day period to vacate US from the date of expiry turns out to be April 3rd 2018. Hence my confusion, if I am eligible to continue to stay, in effect my 2018 H1B petition was filed with USCIS on April 2nd 2018.

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