H1B visa stamping through Interview Waiver Program(dropbox facility) when employer name has changed


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I'm an Indian working in the US on H1B visa. My H1B visa(stamp) expired on September 2016. My H1B extension got approved and my I797 and I94 are valid till June 2019. Since I'm eligible to get my visa stamped through Interview Waiver Program(Dropbox Facility), I'm planning to get my visa stamped through that facility before September 2017.

However, my Employer, ABC, got acquired by another company, XYZ and the company name has been changed to XYZ Service ltd. But my newly approved petition has the petitioner name as ABC. When I asked my employers about what I should be writing in DS160 form, I was told to write it as XYZ Service Ltd. They also told me that they will be giving me an official document stating the details of acquisition and change of company name, to be submitted at the dropbox facility.

As per my knowledge, the authorities at the dropbox facility don't accept any other documents apart from passport, I797 and details of DS160. Therefore, given the scenario, is it advisable that I still use the dropbox facility for visa stamping or would interview be a better option? In case I use  the dropbox facility, what are the chances of me receiving 221(g) or being called for interview by the consulate? 

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