Understanding I-94 expiry while extension in progress


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Here's the situation:

My I-94 expires end of April.

However, we've sent in my H1 extension, based on I-140 (7th year) a couple of days ago. The hope is it gets processed under premium and we're good.

Now let's say something goes wrong and 

a) the petition gets processed under regular and gets approved a few months later


b)... gets denied

Now in the case of (a) am I still allowed to stay past April while the case is in processing?

and for (b) and let's say worst case it gets denied, then when does my 'unlawful presence' actually start? From the date of denial or end of current I-94?That is, if it gets denied, say, August 1st. Then am I unlawful for 3 months (April end-> Aug) or does it begin from Aug 1st?

Has anyone experienced a few days of I-94 unlawful presence and came back later without issues? (I can't vanish on the day of denial and will need say a week or two to wrap up and leave)


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