221g after dropbox - Delhi - H1b Extension


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I Just wanted to share my exp with everyone so people can choose the right decision, Drop Box Vs in person interview.

- March 6th - Document/passport dropped at Nehru Place through dropbox 
- March 14th - Got an email that passport is ready for pick up 
- March 15- picked up my passport from Nehru Place , got 221g in the 
passport, asked for finger print and interview. 
- March 17th - Attended in person interview at US embassy, visa officer 
said' Your visa is approved' and you should have your passport in 3--5 days. 
March 23rd - Visa status changed to ISSUED 

March 24th – Received an email that passport is ready for pick up. Got the passport same day, yes, this time with the H1B Visa stamped.

Bottom line- if you are in hurry and came to india just for 1—2 week, DO NOT GO FOR DROP BOX, choose in person interview only. Most of the cases which I have witnessed in India for 221 are for those people who opt for Drop box initially.



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