Revoked h1b end of grace period


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h1b status says revoked , 1 week left for the end of grace period.


when does the grace period start?, employment terminated date(8 feb) or pay check day(2 mar (pay period till 2/18)) or notice of correspondence recd at uscis date(21 feb) or revoke date(28 mar)?

if the grace period starts from 8 feb then i have till april 9th, what should i do? f1 , b2 or r1, pls help urgently .... no emplyer does h1b without a project , only option is with a in house project, what complications i may encounter?

there has been delay in project confirmation, it may come in a day or two though. 

i have i-140, current i-797 was approved on premium which has a validity till dec 2019

i have i-797 till aug 2017 from previous employer with visa stamped till aug 2017.

what are my immediate options?

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