How many days can stay without JOB/Pay-stub on H1B


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I am on bench from last week and my employer (Indian based reputed company) asked me to relocate back to India in 7 days. Because, there is no visibility on upcoming project. Company process Bi-monthly pay-stub and I may get till Apr’7 (received by April 15) not more than that.  I have approached one of my friend’s consultancy and he started marketing my profile. But, he is not ready to transfer my H1B by showing fake project (In house project) in this moment. Instead of going back to India, I would like to resign and continue searching jobs through my friend’s consultancy. How many days I can stay legally without job/pay-stub (after my resignation and till get my new job) on H1B visa. I have VISA and I94 validity till Jul’2017. Is there any official legal amendment taken place on this? Appreciated your valid inputs.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. Can you please also clarify is this works only in termination situation or resignation also ? And, I heard earlier this was grayed out but now it become official. I have searched in USCIS website, but could't find out. If it is official, can you please share the USCIS amendment link if available. Is it applicable to Resignation or termination. Appreciated your inputs.

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