H1 Xtn Approval Pending + Travel with UnExpired Visa + Job with Same Client


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My H1 extension is pending approval and my current H1 visa is valid till Sep 2017.
I need to travel out of USA in June and returning before my current visa expires.
I have client letter stating my project will continue for multiple years, so I'll return back to the same client and resume work.

If am not wrong, my return at the port of entry should not have any issues. And the I-94 will be approved only till the current H1 visa expiry date.

Pls guide me if my assumption is valid.

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Not sure friend. When pp was revoked temporarily in 2015, the notice in USCIS states that if they don't get a chance to process the case within the 15 day window; then they'll switch the case to Regular and refund the pp fee.

We just have to wait and see if a receipt# gets generated within that 15 day period. So basically we got to keep our fingers crossed.

Lets hope for the best.

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