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I finished my masters and I started wotking for company A as full time employee since OPT and they filled my H1B and got approved and stamped for 3 years(Visited India for stamping). I worked there from Oct to Jan on H1B where they layoff me on Jan 30(Gave 2 weeks notice period to look for new employer) and they revoke my H1B on Jan 30. I joined my friend consultancy(Company B) and they filled my H1B transfer in general and sent documents to USCIS and got the receipt number on Feb 9th. They did not run the paystub for Feb and Mar also(was on bench). Now I got full time option from Company C where they are ready to have my H1B transfer. My questions are
1. Can I transfer my H1B to Company C and if so are there anmy chances of RFE?
2. If I can transfer, what will be the process (As no paystubs for 2 months)
3. Will that effect my H1B extension in future?


Your suggestions are very usefull


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Thank you for the reply.

Please clarify

1. If I ask my new employer(Company C) to wait till may, where I can join in May and ask my current employer to run my paystubs for the month of March and April (Where I will have latest 2 payslips, Leaving Feb) and can transfer my H1B in May?

2. If not, what will be the process to join new employer (Company C) as I like to go with them

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