Is H4 transfer is mandate, Can individual file for H4 Transfer?


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I am going to transfer my H1B to new employer during April 2017, and Visa Valid till 2019.

My wife got stamping and in USA, also has i94 valid till 2019, now is that mandate to transfer her H4 visa, since the VISA in her passport has the old employer name.

My company is taking care of processing my H1B Visa in premium, can I do H4 visa transfer individually also is there any premium for H4 transfer.

If I do by myself, how long will it takes to get H4 transfer also can she travel to India and enter USA with the existing visa.

I believe Premium processing will be suspended after April 3, so is that only for H1B or even for H4 visa process.



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Thanks Joef,

The new employer HR team told me to apply for H4 transfer and also told the application cost around $325, what is that mean, if I don't ever transfer will there be any issue when we travel back from India to USA in port of entry?

If I can do the transfer by own, how to do that or whom should I approach to do, what will be the charges & Time line for that process.


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