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Mine is a very peculiar case, I hope to have a satisfying reply. Here is my case scenario: I held a 5 year IL driving license, set to expire in 2020. But I moved to MN and applied for a new license. Since my University is based in KY, I was told that they couldn't issue me a MN license. However, I had a CPT from here and they issued me the license. But the biggest shocker came to me when I read the expiry date after 4 years but Status check exactly after 5 months. Now I am confused and worried. Here is the help I need: 

1) How can I renew my MN license since I would be graduating in August 2017? Do I have to wait for the EAD card to update my " Status Check" or does the DSO issue a new i20 once I graduate or is there any other document that I can show at the DMV to get my license renewed?

2) Can I get back the IL license after opting out for the MN license?.

I would sincerely appreciate your help.




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