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I am currently in US on H4 visa. I got my H1 approved last year , during the time of applying for H1, I was in India and came back to US on H4.

My employer suggested to change to H1 with premium processing after i get any new job, so that i dont have to pay taxes for the duration i was here without holding a job.

With this changing situation, Premium processing has been on hold for 6 months, employer wants to go for normal processing for H4 to H1.


Could you please let me know how many months going to take if i opt for normal processing ?

Is this the right way to change the status for H4 to H1?



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24 minutes ago, teja_1988 said:

Thanks for the reply. Can i go for premium processing before april 3rd . Is it going to work for me ? 

That is an option, but based on work load to USCIS, all premium requests are not 100% guaranteed to be processed in premium. If they can't process in premium, your premium fee will be refunded. Read this somewhere in an attorney blog.

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