H1b restamping required for petitioner change without travelling even once

Ramesh Ram

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I am currently working for employer A in India. I was in US from Feb 2014 to dec 2016 on L1b for same employer "A". 
I found an employer "B" in US who filed my H1b and petition got approved in Dec 2016.
I could not join employer B while i was in US since i had to go for stamping before i could join them. 
After returning from US on L1b in Dec 2016, i got my H1b stamping done for employer B but some how my employer "B" delayed my joining in US and i could not travel. 
Now i got a new offer from employer C based in US who filed my H1b transfer. Once i get my I797 approved for employer C -
1) would i need to go for re stamping of H1b since Visa has "B" as my employer in passport.
2) if yes, what type of questions can be expected from VO for this mess and what can be good answers.
3) if no, what do i need to take care of at POE. 

Note that i have not traveled on H1b even once and i did not work for employer B at all. 


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