H1-B amendment RFE received for substantiating correlation between formal education and job duties


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Background :
I have been working for Employer A since 2011 as Biomedical Support Engineer .
My employer recently offered me promotion for the role of Manager, Invasive Cardiology Support, this position will require me to supervise the same team of biomedical support engineers and clinical analysts.

Current Situation :
In March 2017, my current company merged with another company to form a new entity and my business unit was transitioned to the new company therefore my employer changed.
H1-B amendment petition was filed for the new role and corporate changeover on the same day when the new company was officially announced.
I accepted the offer and started working based off the receipt of USCIS.
RFE was received from USCIS which squarely focuses on my educational/work experience credentials and requests additional information substantiating correlation between my formal education in biomedical engineering and my current daily job duties.( i.e for the manager role )

How do I respond to this RFE ?

I need guidance formulating the response back to USCIS so that I can show it is a natural progression of career which requires the same education and skillset as my previous role and in addition to that I will have supervisory job duties.

Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.

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