H1b to F1 approved in the middle of ongoing semester


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Hello All, 

Need some guidance here. My H1b expired in Nov 2016. However, I had applied for COS much before that for Fall 2016 semester but F1 got approved now. The start date on I-797 says March 20th 2017, which is the middle of semester. School is still looking into whether they can let me enroll for ongoing semester. 

What are the my options

1) Can / Must Enroll part time until end of summer and then enroll full-time. 

2) Have to exit USA and come at most 30 days before the Fall semester. 

3)Can stay in the country and wait to directly enroll full time in Summer (May end) or Fall? 

Any other ideas or knowledge please help. 

BTW, my labor for GC has been filed by a company and it is in process. 

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