Discontinuing studies to begin work (F-1 to H-1B)


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  • Time spent on H-1B in USA -- about Four and a half years.
  • Been out of USA from Jan 2016.
  • Got an admit to US Bschool for Fall 2017. 
  • Still possess an approved H-1B petition that is valid until Oct 2017.
  • An employment opportunity might materialize around Aug/Sep with one of my dream companies. It is not a certainty though. Hence, I have decided to go ahead and join the MBA program. However, if the opportunity does materialize, I would be tempted to discontinue the MBA and join this company. 

Given the above, my questions:

  1. If I do end up getting this employment offer, would there be a way to not continue (maybe take a leave of absence) with my studies and instead request a change of status from F-1 to H-1B using my currently valid H-1B petition before it expires in Oct 2017?
  2. Or, would it be possible for the new sponsor to just transfer my current H-1B petition? [I am assuming that this and the previous question are not two ways of saying the same thing.]

Thanks for your help!


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