My wife need to change her name in passport to apply or get and H4 Visa


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I am in valid H1B visa and I am planning to get married. My wife is in India and after marriage she is planning to apply for H4 visa.
So, is it necessary for my wife to change her name in passport (include my first and last name) to apply and get H4 visa ? Will there
be any problem in getting H4 visa, if she doesn't change her name in passport ?

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Hi Ashmit,

It is not mandatory to change your wife name legally after marriage . (Just for info , she can carry her maiden name and keep it unchanged even after marriage . I did the same, I haven't changed my name even after marriage and I had traveled to UK, Europe and USA on my same passport .

For getting H4 visa stamped, you may need a legal marriage certificate , some wedding pictures, wedding card, and other supporting documents and she can get interviewed on her original passport itself( which carries her maiden name).  It would be preferred that  all the documents she carries has the same name which is present on her passport. 

 If you change her name now,  you need to make sure that all of her documents has the changed name or may be you would need to carry a legal affidavit which indicates that her maiden name and after marriage name belongs to the same lady. 

When she wants to renew her passport,  she can  make the necessary changes like updating it with Spouse name and mention her changed name.

Hope this suffice !

All the best !!




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