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I need an advice on my situation, and would really appreciate some feedback.

I am currently residing in Austin and wife working here on H4EAD

I got laid off and last working date was Feb 03, 2017. My 60-day grace period ends April 03, 2017.

Found a job with Company A in LA. Company A is willing to file the H1B transfer next week. 

However, I am informed of a potential offer from Company B located in Austin.

My first preference is Company B. However, Company B is very slow in their process.

Next week I have planned to move to LA. 

Can anyone suggest if it is safe to wait out another 3 weeks here in Austin and hope the Company B apply the H1B transfer?

Or do I need to join company A now and then resign and join company B, which is something I do not want to do as I feel its unethical and am wasting peoples' time and resources.

Please advice.

Thank you in advance.





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