Multiple questions on switching employers on H1B EAD


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I am on H1B for 8 years. I also have an EAD/AP for a pending I-485. My GC priority date is EB2 July 2009. I am working as a software developer consultant, My client company has an opening for a manager on my own team which I plan on applying for. I had a few questions regarding switching over from my consulting company to being full-time with the client company:

1. Is there any potential concern switching over from a senior developer role to a manager for the same team? I have been working in IT for 8 years now, so a promotion should be okay?
2. What paperwork should my new company file for me and what is the timeline for that?
3. What paperwork should my old consulting company file for me and what is the timeline for that?
4. If I am offered the position, how soon can I say I would be able to join full time (considering paperwork and any wait times)?
5. My wife is filed jointly with me for my EB2 GC. Is there any additional filing of paperwork needed for that?
6. What other questions should I be asking, that I should be aware of?

Thank you very much!

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