i140 with company A, H1 B at 7th year, switching from company B to C


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Im In 7th year on H1B. I'm planning to move to company B using i140 from company A (i140 approved 3 years back). If I want to switch to company C in a year (if the labor is still pending at company B), can I use the original i140 to get a 3 year H1B at company C?

Please advise. 

Thanks in advance for the reply.

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If you had completed 6 months post i140 approval with your company A, you can port you i-140 to company B or Company C. You don't need to go through PERM again.

However, if i'm correct, down the line, to file change of status for GC, you must be with the company who have had done PERM for you. Otherwise, you need go through right from PERM process and then get the new i-140 approved and then file change of status with the company that you will be working at that particular point in time. Anyone, pls correct me if i'm wrong. 

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