H1B petition expiring in 3 months

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Hello everyone,

1. I'm on " H1B visa ". Have my H1B extension in June mid week. I don't have project in hand. Would like to know the least time available to file for H1B extension before current H1B expires and also the chances of H1B extension if my employer files for " In House Project ", provided i don't get project by that time.
2. Would like to know the options available for change of status (or) to stay in USA legally.
3. I would like to know if i can change my status from H1B to F1 status by joining a university. If yes, how much time it would ideally take for change of status (or) time taken for SEVIS transfer ?
4. Can i change back to H1B status from F1, if i get offer from an employer while i'm on F1 status. If yes, do i need to go through the lottery process again and apply for Fresh H1B (or) can i just apply for change of status from F1 to H1B. If yes, in either of the cases what would be the ideal time for change of status to H1B ? Please assist in this regard. Thanks in advance.

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