Spouse I485 RFE Medicals and Maitenace of Status


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I am on my H1B and my wife entered US on H4. We both received our I485 EAD. However I continued to work on H1B.
To avoid boredom she worked for Macy's for just 5 days on her I485 EAD then she resigned. I received RFE in 2016 and responded immediately. My PD is current now and my wife received I485 RFF requesting Medicals and Maintenance of Status : I94, EAD approvals , I797 notices if any.
 She only worked for 5 days and quit her job. Is there a need to file any form when H4 dependent joined and quit job based on I485 EAD? We never thought there is any such process for dependent. We never travelled outside of country after receiving EADs. Please share your experience and thoughts. My attorney office is closed. I am nervous to wait until Monday 

Thank you

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