H1b Extension is in process and client is changed


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My VISA with my employer is expired in December 2016 and before expiry date we filled the VISA extension in September 2016 for Client A.

While my VISA extension is in process I changed my client FROM Client A to Client B but my extension was still in process.

I continued working for Client B but Now in February 2017 I got RFE asking about client related documents but now I am not working for that client anymore and we can not provide those documents to USCIS.

Also now premium processing will be stopped from April 3 and I want VISA approval before May.

Can any one suggest what could be the best way in this scenario to get approval before may and below are my questions regarding this.

1. If we reply to the RFE with old documents and extension is denied than do I need to leave the country in this case? if yes than is there any other alternative to avoid this?

2. Can we file new petition for client B in premium and ignore the RFE? and will USCIS process this new case in premium when old extension is in process?


Please advise on this.



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1 hour ago, inquest said:

When you moved to client B, did you file an amendment? I believe you should file an amendment when there is a client change and/or location change outside of MSA. 

Hi ,

We did not file amendment when I moved to client B but my attorney is suggesting that we will file amendment now and then reply the RFE with new client documents.



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