Applying for I-824 after I-140 approval ?

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I got my I-140 Approved & Priority Date is "Current". Though I'm on H1B, I am applying for Consular Processing I-824 for getting my Green Card Immigrant Visa number as I need to travel abroad immediately for personal reasons. Based on Consular Processing I'm supposed to attend the interview & do other procedures in my home country - India. It takes about 6-8 months for I-824 to be approved based on the current processing times.

1. During this interim period until my I-824 is approved, can I start some higher education in a different country and once approved then return to my home country for attending the consulate interview or should I strictly be in my home country until the whole process is complete ? 

2. Once the I-824 is approved - during the interview will the immigration officer in the US consulate in my home country question me for starting education in a different country during this 8 months waiting period for my I-824 approval though I want to eventually relocate to US after getting my green card ? 

Your valuable guidance would be appreciated !!

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