Name chane on h4.


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I am applying for renewal of passports for both me (Passport valid until Oct  2017, I -797/Visa until SEP 2019 ,I-94 valid until Oct  2017) and my wife. She already has a passport with her maiden name on it and she is on h4 status. (Passport valid until March 2018, I -797/Visa until SEP 2019 ,I-94 valid until March 2018)

Should we apply for a "Name Change" on her passport ? What is a recommended approach here? Or keeping maiden name is recommended ? please note I have to update our I-94 either by visiting local CBP office or crossing US border and come back again.

So considering all scenarios Are there any pros/cons of any approach as far as VISA approval is concerned in future?

Please suggest!

Thanks in advance for any advise!


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