Shall I go with J1 or H1

J1 or H1

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My OPT will be finishing by 6/30/2017. I have a PhD but my CV is not good enough for green card ( I need 4 more years to solidify my CV ). I am currently working in a University. The University started  working on my  J1 process . The HR told me my J1 status will start on  7/1/2017. I also got a job offer from a company they are willing to start H1B processing for this year lottery on  April 4. I am confused, shall I  take J1 (212E problem) or H1.

1, Shall i take J1 or H1

2, If my DS2019 approved before I get my H1, what happens to my H1

3, If i get H1 by end of May, if I quit the Job what happens to my J1 ( as I am not used J1status  yet  (which starts on 7/1/17)

4, Is it ok to apply both of them and pick one or whichever comes first?

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