H1 Transfer to New Employer after 3rd April 2017


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I am on H1B currently completed 3rd year of my H1B. My current work permit is expiring in June 2017 and I have applied for by extension with my current employer A.

Now i am about to close an offer with Employer B. Though I will be trying for the Premium transfer, but there is a possibility that it gets applied in normal because Premium is being stopped starting from 3rd April.

a) The Employer B is a very big consulting firm from US (likes of PWC/Deloitte)

b) I also have my approved I140 with Employer A that was approved in Jan 2015

c) I am also moving my H1B extension from Employer A in premium this week

I would like to know how big is the risk joining this Employer B on the receipt. Is there something if employer A revokes by H1B and I am at risk.


thanks n advance

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