Travel during F1 - H1B transfer


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I am currently on my F1 OPT that expires in June 2017. I need to travel outside the US in May. My employer will be applying for my H1B VISA this April. I can re-enter the country with a valid OPT. However, how does it affect my H1B application?

Also, what happens in the following scenario:

 My H1B has been filed via consular processing and I go and come back on a valid OPT.

1)Since the premium processing is on hold, when is it likely that I will know the result?

2) If I come back and apply for a STEM extension, does an open H1B application have any impact on the STEM extension application?

3)Assuming I get my H1B result while my STEM extension is still in processing (OPT has expired) and the H1B result is positive, am I required to leave the country to get the H1B stamping done immediately? In fact if I had to get it stamped immediately will I be able to re-enter on a H1B VISA before Oct 1?

4)What would be my status till October 1 when H1B actually kicks in, can I travel in this period? Also, if I don't get my H1B, can I just continue on my STEM extension assuming this is approved? 

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