Which takes Precedence GC EAD or H4 EAD


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Hi Team,

I have couple of questions.

I am on H4  and have H4 EAD. My GC EAD is approved today. I still have not received the card, My H4 EAD is set to expire on 08-01-17 , but My GC EAD will start its validity from 03-14-17 thru 03-14-18. So which one takes precedence. Do I have to notify my employer of the new card number or can I do it after H4 EAD expiry.

Also my wife is on H1B and received her EAD card with start date of 02-21-17 thru 02-21-18. So will she have to inform her employer or can she continue on her H1B till she gets her GC. How will the EAD help her.  Her GC details ( EB1B , I-140 approved Jan 13, 2017), non concurrent.

Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.



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