Family Based Greencard

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My parents have been traveling regularly to the US (usually once in two years) for the past 10 years or so. This time they had to come back within 3 months. The immigration officer let them know that they should ideally stay at least 6 months in India, but let them come in anyway by looking at their track record. He said he is making note of this exception as well.

I am planning to apply for a green card for them this time when they are here. Would this pose a risk or an issue for them when they apply? Please help.

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It is generally advisable to file their I-130 and opt for CP in such cases and more so nowadays. The reason is AOS also takes a long time and CP is foolproof as long as you prove the relationship and your citizenship. Should you opt to file the GC during their visit, let a lawyer guide you. Their stated aim is a tourist visit and filing a GC may be misconstrued . What is possible is not always the best option.

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