India travel after US citizenship


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I'm applying for US passport as I got my citizenship recently. What reasons guide to apply for Indian Visa (tourist or emergency) or OCI?

If travel time is in Jun-July, OCI is not an option as it takes more than 3-4 months?
How long does it take for Tourist visa these days?

Are people applying for OCI even if they have a visa?

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Rules keep changing. With that caveat: You can apply for OCI and visa. In my memory, you did not have to send the original passport initially for OCI. So you could apply for visa as well. The catch is once your OCI is approved you have to send in your passport within a certain time period. In 2014, it took me 6 weeks to get OCI.

Before applying for visa, you have to get your Indian passport cancelled. When I applied it could be done simultaneously when applying for OCI. Not sure if the same procedure would work for a visa.

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