Planning to go for visa stamping in Mexico with New Passport


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I have come to USA on H4 Visa in November 2016 which I had since 2015 with which I applied for EAD Last year and working. I had H1b stamped on March 2014 in chennai till Jan 2017, The same employer with whom I am working on EAD applied for Cos to H1b after coming to USA in November and it got approved. I have applied for new passport as my old passport was expiring in 6 months. Now I am planning to travel to Mexico and planning to attend visa interview for H1b with approved I797. Please advise that I can mention in DS160 that I am applying for the same visa category based on the h1b visa I had earlier. Kindly Advise! If mexico is not advisable, which neighbouring country you will advise for visa stamping?Thank you!


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