H1B Transfer Premium processing Withdraw on RFE


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I am working for Employer  A and have H1B valid till Aug 2017. 
Recently I field H1B transfer from A to B under premium processing. Unfortunately I got RFE. 
Till now B didn't submitted any supporting documents to USCIS. 
Now  I would like to continue with A only and ask B to withdraw H1 transfer. 
In this case,

1.Do I need to pay to B for withdraw?

2. Incase If B withdraws can B get H1B transfer  fee as return.
(a:Filing Fee
b:Fraud Prevent & Detection Fee
3:Employer Sponsorship Fee
4:Premium Processing Fee)

3.If B withdraw/or not is there any effect, if I go for another transfer with C from A.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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