I797B issued instead of I797C with no I94


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My original H1B petition was filed for Atlanta, Georgia. I had to travel for another project (from India) at Union, New Jersey.

My company filed relocation amendment for me before my travel.
I traveled to USA on May 6, 2016 after I got my receipt notice for relocation amendment.  I have original I-94 with me with same end date (April 30, 2018) as that on my original petition.
Two  days ago, I got my approval notice for my relocation amendment. This approval notice is I-797B (instead of I-797c that I was expecting)  and it doesn't have my I-94 entry on it.  And also consulate location is mentioned as Mumbai there.  One of my own colleague who came to US one month before me with similar status got relocation amendment in the form of I-797C and with I-94 entry on it.
Can anyone please guide me if I have to go for stamping again?   I consulted two lawyers, one says I should immediately go to India for stamping, other says I am okay since I have original I-94 with April 30, 2018 expiry.  
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