140 approval based on experience (can they revoke 140 based on MS from university without accreditation)?


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Hi All,


I am in the scenario described below and I would like to request your advise on how to proceed further.


My 140 got approved with my previous company on November 2010 on EB2 with Master’s degree. After Joining my current employer in 2013, we filed my I-140 on EB2 without Masters (based on my 5 years’ experience) and retrieved the old date, November 2010 (I Received the approval on 2014). 


This week my previous employer received a letter from USCIS indicating that my 140  approved based on my masters degree needs more input as my masters college do not have an accreditation.  


My current 140 is not based on my masters degree and so, my college should not be considered for my 140.

I have the below questions:


1. If USCIS revokes my 140 through my old employer, how does it impact the current I-140?


Please advise on this scenario on how to proceed further.

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