H1B expires in Aug - Applied for extention


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My H1B expires in August 2017. I applied for my extension in premium and am expecting it to be approved by April.  I am planning to travel to India in May and return back in June. Do I need to attend the Visa interview and get the new H1 stamped or Can I travel back on the existing H1B approval ?


Thank You!

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If you already have a valid H1B visa stamp for beyond June in your passport, then you do not need to go for a new stamping. In fact with the high rate of 221g being issued by the embassys, maybe it is better to avoid the risk of a new stamping.

You can travel back on your existing I797 H1B approval notice BUT then you will get I94 only till August2017. You must provide the proof of your new H1B extension so that your I94 will be issued to match the new extension.

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