INTENT TO REVOKE - Approved Ammendment


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Hi ,

I am working for an Employer Company-A. I was working for an end client Client-Z through Vendor -1 who works for Vendor -2. My employer (Company-A) has MSA signed with Vendor - 2. My attorney have filed for the H1 B amendment and I have got it approved for the number of years (almost 2 and half yrs) as is on my first H1B. I was not able to provide with the letters from Vendor -1 and Client-Z, but fortunately my amendment was approved.

Earlier Project Chain was Myself--> Company-A --> Vendor -2 --> Vendor -1 --> Client-Z

I have now moved to a new Vendor company Vendor -3  after my contract got over with Client-Z. The new contract with the Vendor-3 is in fact again with same client Client-Z. Vendor-3 directly works with my Employer Company-A. I need not file for new amendment since the location of the client almost same , with just the change in the building. All of a sudden my attorney received a letter from USCIS saying that the earlier approved H1B is 'INTENT TO REVOKE'  almost after 5 months from the date of approval, mentioning that "USCIS has determined that the approval of the petition involved gross error. The petition was incorrectly adjudicated without submission of qualifying evidence. Please submit the requested evidence"

Current Project Chain is Myself--> Company-A --> Vendor -3 --> Client-Z

I could be able to provide with the Vendor letters from Vendor-3 and Client-Z for this new contract.

Please advise what action should be taken here? I have almost few more days left in my hands. :( 

Thanks in advance

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