B2 Visitor Visa Renewal - Issues


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my parents had applied for a tourist visa renewal (B2) in hyderabad this week and were sent back, below are the reasons: 

- My Dad's given name has 2 spaces in the pass port (Raghu govind rao). while filling out the DS160, it did not let us put in the given as it is in the passport and complained saying there is more than one space. So we out in Raghu govindrao instead. When he went to the visa appointment, they sent him back saying there is an extra space in the given name in the passport which is not in the DS160. They were not ready to listen. Thats the first issue. 

- When I made the appointment, I made it for my mom and dad together. i created an online account for my dad and added my mom as his dependent and took one appointment. My moms old visitor visa expired in Jan 2016 (more than a year back), and my dad's expires in april 2017. But after I added my mom to my dads profile, I got a bunch of questions to check the eligibility for a drop box or a interview waiver. I answered the questions keeping my dad's details in mind as it was his online profile. Once I filled the questions, I got a message saying eligible for interview waiver and only finger printing and photo appointment required (here were no separate questions for my mom). Now at the appointment, they told my mom that since her visa expired more than a year back , she has to give an interview. I re-looked at the selection criteria and she fits in for the waiver of the interview. I am not sure why they said that she has to give an interview. 

- My questions:

can I retrieve the DS160 and retry to add an extra space in my dad's given name? 

Can i unlink my moms dependancy to my dad's profile and create a separate account for her and take an appointment for her? Only question is if they  ask the same questions and she fits the criteria, the appointment will be made for finger print and photo only. 

Can some one please help asap? as I need them to be here asap..thanks in advance 

- a



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