L2 EAD to H1B

Prasanna Kumar

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I have a valid L2-EAD and currently working, what is the process to change the visa status from L2 to H1B. My pay is also very good (55K) for the position that i am holding.

Is it the same process as applying for new H1B, is there any exempt process for L2 EAD holders. I am in negotiation with my employer for my change of Visa status. 

If my employer agree to move forward, what would be cost incur for them to apply for change of status? My employer has less that 25 employees, so will they have any issues applying visa for me?


thank you all....

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they need to contact immigration attorney. You are confused, L2EAD to H1b is not a direct COS, you will have to go they H1b lottery. for which last date is March end. 

Cost, immigration attorney will tell you, even if your application doesnt get selected, they will still have to pay for attorney fee.

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