Impact of hold on premium processing for H1B transfers


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This is all coming at the very perfect time ... help me experts! huh!!

My current state:
I'm on H1B third year - extension due end of this year. Technically have three more years before I should start thinking about more critical situations. I guess this is simple for you guys to address.

I got a new job offer and it is so good to be ignored - I want to go for it. Now based on H1B premium processing suspension from April 3rd - how is it going to impact me for transfer?

My questions:
1. Is this premium hold only for new H1B processing or it is applicable for transfers and extensions too?
2. Do I have to ask my new employer to utilize these 2-3 weeks that we have in hand before April 3rd to do premium? Or this hold is not for H1B transfers and I can do it anytime even after April 3rd?
3. If I ask employer to do premium before April 3rd and he denies or say process takes 3-4 weeks and I miss the window of opportunity - can I still change the company based on receipt of normal processing? 

I guess what I want to know is this premium processing hold is applicable for H1B transfers too or is it only limited for fresh H1Bs?



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